As May came to a close, Nottingham Alt/Punk band, Left Hand Lane released a long-awaited by many single, “My Confession”.

Having seen Left Hand Lane on numerous occasions, I can only describe their music as purely incredible. Show after show they manage to engage an ever-growing crowd with their bold nature and avid attitude on stage – with performances of musical genius and enthusiasm, which is often seen to be overflowing with energy.

A packed audience for Left Hand Lane at The Bodega, Nottingham for Beat The Streets 2020

Their latest release, “My Confession” has seen their social media support explode. The song itself – a very deep message relating to a number of past struggles personal to their distinctive frontman, ‘Jimbo’ (James Earl). The powerful opening line, “I’m not the same guy that I used to be” really sets the tone instantly for the rest of this unprecedented release.

With a whirling opening riff that clings to each of your emotions and wraps around you leaving no escape, then the introduction of Pearce Boulton’s profound bass guitar invites you in for more. With each beat, the song seems to progress to another level until its’ climatic finish, in which you can almost feel the raw torment behind the song – with each of the instruments fighting for their last few breaths.

I can honestly say that “My Confession” is a firm favourite for me – and I can’t wait for what might come next!

Listen to “My Confession” BELOW:

Left Hand Lane are without a doubt a band to keep an eye on for the future, as the music industry – like many others right now – is going through a vast amount of change, maybe these lads could be the next trendsetters and idols for many.

Pictured (left to right): James ‘Jimbo’ Earl (Lead Singer, Rhythm Guitar) , Pearce ‘Pman’ Boulton (Bass, Backing Vocals), Bobbi ‘Bamboo’ Chambers (Drums), ‘Saint’ George Hill (Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals)

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