Our next weekly wordsmith is none other than the fantastic, soulful legend Joyce Sims. Joyce Sims is the infamous voice behind Billboard top ten hit Come Into My Life, a veteran in the music world and one of the most recognised voices in the club anthem scene.

Joyce has already established herself time and time again as a musical legend but she isn’t stopping there. Joyce Sims is set to make her return with a new single Everybody’s Going Through Something, scheduled for release 24th August and taken from her exciting new album Change coming in Autumn of 2020.

Joyce’s vocal and musical prowess has been evident since childhood where she began singing in a local church choir. Her very first single (You Are My) All and All, released in 1986, set her on the path to greatness reaching number 16 in the UK singles chart and number 6 in the US Dance Chart. From their Joyce’s success grew and grew, with the writing and performance of Come Into My Life in 1988 her soul legend status was confirmed.

Joyce’s UK fanbase have always held a special place for the soulful singer, demonstrating their support and loyalty for her throughout her career now spanning decades. She is back, better than ever, and ready to bless the industry with her vocal prowess and soulful melodies.

Everybody’s Going Through Something was originally written by Joyce with other singers in mind, but with the events of Covid-19 and BLM rattling the world Joyce knew she had to record it herself and include it on new album Change.

The track is classic Joyce Sims, authentic and raw with a vocal style you just can’t match anywhere else.

The return of Joyce Sims is set to be a highlight for music in 2020.






Written By: Jessica Rowe

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