Writer of ‘Rock and Roll’ and ‘Soon’, Phonix has returned to release his new single ‘My Love and My Teacher’. The narrative, mirrored in the video, follows a relationship’s ups and downs, and ‘the thin line between love and hate’.

Italian-born Phonix is a self taught musician, who has been experimenting with his sound from the age of 10. From this age, he featured in over 500 live shows, playing guitar, bass, drums and mandolin. After honing his production skills, he opened Snap Music Studio (Naples), becoming a hub for the best producers and artists in the area.

Utilising only his own skills for his most recent release, the song loses the sound of his influences, and is instead entirely his own. With a powerful message, thought provoking video and fine-tuned sound – ‘My Love and My Teacher’ is set to be his most successful release to date.

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