For many of us during lockdown, it’s been difficult to fill the void and escape our thoughts from time to time. Musician and therapist, Lui Krieg has been exploring new coping mechanisms for this – which we can all make a note of.

This has seen us exploring and finding plenty of different ways to take our minds away for a while – endless banana bread, Joe Wicks’ workouts, TikToks that will last a lifetime; whatever it is, I am sure that crystal and sound therapy wasn’t up there!

Lui Krieg has had 20 years of working with crystals in sound as a therapist and musician, where he has earned a vast amount of experience of many conditions whether physical, emotional or mental.

‘I have helped many clients.. by getting them to work with the right minerals and to the time to meditate.. once people connect deeper to their spiritual selves they will automatically become more health conscious.. and will interact with their environment in a different way.’

Lui krieg

It is believed that Quartz has the ability to store data for up to 3 MILLION years, meaning that if it works for you it might definitely be a long-term option.

Crystals in sound is another area that we could all access, from crystal singing bowls, pyramids, shamanic drums, Tibetan singing bowls and the King of the sacred sounds – a Paiste gong. This sound therapy is said to clear and activate people’s energy fields – if this helps you to feel clear and empowered , I would say we should all be giving it a try!

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