Lui Krieg is the newest rockstar you need to start worshipping! Not only has he got the look (Robert Plant, anyone?), but he’s got the tunes and the support with Paul Foss coming on board as his producer for his debut album.

Krieg and Foss have worked together on this album to create something really inspiring for society. With the World in turmoil in its current state, Lui wants to use his ‘weapon’ of words to spark change in people to make Planet Earth a better place for us all.

Lui practices what he preaches through his veganism and yoga and meditation which allow him to become at one with nature. Although his favourite instrument is the piano, his favourite sounds come from nature: wind; water; bird song etc. And although he loves to entertain and throw a big party, he is thoroughly enjoying the chill out time that lockdown is bringing him and his family with plenty of room for creative thinking.

And that creative thinking has contributed to this new album.

Not only this, but Lui has created a psychedelic video to accompany the single ‘Upside Down’ that we all need to watch ASAP! (See above)

We are loving this creative flow from Lui and Paul – keep it coming!




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