Mark Shepherd is one of the artists whose music stays with you for hours after you first listen. His lyrics explore the darker side of life in a way that can be arresting, yet incredibly relateable. Featured on the album are themes such as loss, regret, relationship breakdown and even death, capturing a good chunk of the troubling parts of the human experience.

Our favourite track from his upcoming album is the titular ‘The Grand Scheme of Things’, a song that we feel best demonstrates the complexity and passion which impact on his music and his lyrics. The track muses upon the end of someone’s life and questions what it means to have made a difference, asking if making a positive impact on a small number of people isn’t just as worthwhile as grander gestures. He speaks in terms that are ambiguous and universal enough to refer to anyone, encouraging the reader to examine their own actions and attitudes.

His sound cannot easily slot into a single genre, and contains elements of folk, blues, Americana, country and straight-up rock, making ‘The Grander Scheme Of Things’ an album that will transcend demographic boundaries and likely appeal to a broad range of music fans, especially those who appreciate understated guitar and quality story-telling.






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