According to the press release, Mavis Victory Project are an indie band, though their latest release, “Don’t Go Away”, is stretching the term to its very limits. Most of all we feel sorry for the one member who isn’t actually related to the other four – exactly how picked on do you reckon he must be? But back to the music – like we say, this is indie as in ‘independent’, but if you’re expecting guitars and hooks, you’re going to be disappointed.

“Don’t Go Away” is the weird destination trip-hop has reached when everyone ignored it for the last few years. It crept, unseen, into a weird cellar populated by hooded weirdos, hot girls and strange cultists (is there any other kind?) and it’s matured quite nicely thankyouverymuch. The video, which features the aforementioned cast, is as strangely angular as the music – unlovable but edgy and alluring. We still can’t decide if it’s genius or madness. Have a look and a listen:

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