Michael Jones : This is the Night

The poet, musician, and songwriter Michael Jones releases his debut single which sees the end of the world as a time of reflection and celebrates the apocalypse. Jones’ debut marries his thought-provoking poetry with emotion-packed rock music.

Like notable names such as Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, and Jim Morrison, Jones also embraces his poetic skills in his song-writing.

As an acclaimed writer turned musician – Jones’ story-telling technique remained untouched with lyrics and melodies that hit you smack in the face.

‘This is the Night’ sees the world as we know it now collapsing. A thought provoking take on the apocalypse.

“Perhaps all this boils down to its zenith with one shared summer night when race, sex, religion and sex are stripped of their meaning; when humanity, drawing on its instincts and intellect, surges as “One” to tear down this prison of reality, money, hate, racism and psychological slavery. To survive is to win freedom and the chance for a new Utopia. To lose is to fade from collective existence”

Produced by Adrian Zagoritis, ‘This is the Night‘ provides the first glimpse at Michael’s forthcoming three-track EP ‘American Poet‘ and comes in the wake of his hugely-acclaimed book of poetry.

The Enemy of Everything https://www.amazon.com/Enemy-Everything-Michael-Jones/dp/1647646081

Listen to This is the Night:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/michaeljonesofficial/

Website: https://michaeljonespoet.com/


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