Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen and Jim Morrison were all masters in their field. They made the seamless transition from poets to musicians, using their way with words to write beautiful songs with meaningful lyrics. Now, Michael Jones is looking to do the same with his debut single ‘This is the Night’. The new single is a monumental opening statement from an artist who marries thought-provoking poetry with stirring and emotion-packed rock music.

Having had a successful career in Poetry, Michael is now turning to music to spread his word to the world. His debut single addresses issues that are very much present in today’s society as ‘This is the Night’ sees the old order of the world buckling, with humanity joining together to take the chance to construct a new world which is inclusive of all. When speaking about his debut single, Michael said “Perhaps all this boils down to its zenith with one shared summer night when race, sex, religion and sex are stripped of their meaning; when humanity, drawing on its instincts and intellect, surges as “One” to tear down this prison of reality, money, hate, racism and psychological slavery.To survive is to win freedom and the chance for a new Utopia. To lose is to fade from collective existence”.

‘This is the Night’ is the first single from Michael’s upcoming three-track EP, ‘American Poet’, which is set to be released later this year. And, we’re sure we can expect more thought-provoking and deep lyrics from the rest of the EP. In the meantime, order Michael’s book of poetry, ‘The Enemy of Everything’, which has been widely recognised as a great collection of poems for an insight into the type of lyrics we can see in the debut EP.



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