Following the towering success of their significant single releases of ‘Silent Screams’ and ‘Your Story’, MM&TS have announced the release of their debut album ‘Telling Truth, Breaking Ties’.

The album – which is set to be let loose on October 23rd – is plain telling of the bands’ previous works; with the teaser track, ‘Bitter’ which will be released on August 7th.

Raunchy riffs and vivacious vocals flow throughout this timeless punk-rock twist – revealing their core influences, including the likes of Green Day and The Specials. The new single also tackles crucial topics in that appear in todays’ society more than ever – such as the feelings of trauma and abandonment which stem from sexual abuse and domestic violence.

Millie Manders and The Shutup as one of the UK’s most vital acts, and an adrenaline boost to even the most stoney-hearted music fan.

– New Noise

Another key track from the album is ‘Silent Screams’. A song which draws in a foot-tapping ska-stemmed beat, accompanied with another fine example of Millie’s roaring vocals and the bare-boned band to suit.

Manders’ music never feels overwrought with commentary, yet manages to convey its messages effortlessly.

– Louder Than War

This assertive album is near-perfect. Manders’ natural prowess to detailing raw topics in such a manner that leaves you no choice than to listen on further and further is simply sublime.

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