Manna, known as Manna McLeod is a Jamaican-Lebanese influencer, model and singer-songwriter from London who has proved herself as a true all-rounder within the media. Her career is grounded in Fashion and she has landed campaigns and editorials with major frontrunners such as Elle, Body Shop and Notion and well as gaining expertise in natural afro haircare. She has now expanded into the music industry with her debut summer hit ‘Sundress’ which was released on May 27th.

Manna uses captivating vocals to create a soulful, smooth track with a sultry feel, reminiscent of 90s R&B. It’s the chill-out jam we all need right now, perfect for your summer playlist. When asked about her inspiration behind the track, she said:

“When I wrote ‘Sundress’ I was visualising my life with my husband in a beautiful home, we’re both working from home on a Friday. My music is very much about love, intimacy and sex – that’s because it’s personal, it’s so powerful. A good song that you can slow whine to has the capacity to make my day so bright and that’s what I love to share with the world. “


With an Instagram following of over 80K, Manna is a proud black influencer who often uses her posts to platform the important message of loving yourself and not letting anyone bring you down, making her an excellent female role model.

“I think it comes back to Jamaica and growing up in a culture where women are powerful, growing up in a predominantly white area I experienced racism and got into physical fights. Being a black woman is intimidating to a lot of the world but that’s not our problem, so it encouraged me to be me regardless of what anyone says or thinks, I’m a firecracker in that way.


You can check out ‘Sundress’ on Spotify and follow Manna on social media via the links below:


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