The current climate has caused challenges for many when it comes to mental health, causing some to turn to new coping mechanisms to get them through. A range of factors can cause a decrease in mental health such as stress, poor diet and a lack of exercise and professionals have warned that anxiety and depression are likely to be escalated for many as a result of increased social isolation.

There’s lots of ways you may have been taking your minds of things during lockdown, baking endless banana bread, forcing yourself to do Joe Wicks workouts or even rediscovering old hobbies but I bet none of you have turned to crystal healing and sound therapy.

Musician and spiritual healer Lui Krieg boasts 20 years of experience with crystal and sound and has produced life changing results for many. Speaking of his experience as a therapist, he said:

‘I have helped many clients.. by getting them to work with the right minerals and to the time to meditate.. once people connect deeper to their spiritual selves they will automatically become more health conscious.. and will interact with their environment in a different way.’

Lui Krieg

Apparently, quatz has the ability to store data for up to three million years, meaning that if it works for you it could definitely be a long term solution. It’s no wonder crystals have had such a profound influence on people’s lives, maybe they could be the answer for those looking for a portable solution, we all have room for a small crystal somewhere at home!

The world of crystal sound may sound intimating with options from crystal singing bowls, pyramids, shamanic drums to Tibetan singing bowls but they’re known to clear and activate your energy fields, making you feel clear and empowered. It’s really not as complicated as it seems once you get into it and is definitely something everyone should consider!

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