Originally from Rutland, Teddy Lewis and Alex Rush comprise Centre Excuse, the nation’s natural successors to Depeche Mode and with epic electronic-rock sounds and high energy performances, the duo are definitely on our list of must see live bands post-COVID-19.

Establishing a reputation locally during their teens as a band as comfortable onstage as off, wowing audiences with their high-energy live shows and stunning videos remarkably made on shoestring budgets, by 2017, Centre Excuse were releasing one single per month, as well as beginning to collaborate with other like minded visionaries, from producer Ian Curnow (Talk Talk co-producer and keyboardist) to Alexander Chitrenko – a young Nottingham-based student director and filmmaker who the duo have collaborated with on their latest video, Joy Joy Joy.

The new single from Centre Excuse precedes their debut album ‘Favourite Soul’ which is set to be released by their own label, New Motion Records, later this month. The album’s 14 tracks contain a decade’s worth of emotions, whether it be love, pain, anxiety or passion, it’s all been enshrined and compressed down into less than an hours’ worth of sonic expression.

Having known each other since they were 8 years old, Teddy and Alex bring us the 2020 Centre Excuse with this debut album – a darker, more brooding sound: incisive, barbed lyrics and heart-attack synth lines piercing through layers of ferocious guitar work.

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