Not only is Mustafa Khetty introducing his new track ‘Solace’, performed using Synthesised Instruments, to the world through its release, but he is also encouraging the world to get involved in re-making the track during lockdown.

Solace is a musical journey following the rapid devastation caused by a single virus that has crippled the world with over 3 billion in lockdown and the affected gasping for breath. The first part of Solace depicts the dark and sombre warning of impending doom. The middle section, the tragedy of sickness, despair, helplessness, ravage, death and solitary burial. The finale is the floating glimmer of hope countered by distress, uncertainty, sadness and lament. The faint hope of recovery can so easily be shattered.

Listen to ‘Solace’ here

Fully aware of the issues orchestras currently have with getting together due to COVID-19, Mustafa’s solution is to reach out to classical musicians where they are isolating in the world and assign them certain parts of music for Solace so that they can record their part and he can combine them all in the special lockdown remake!

Sound like something you’d like to get involved in? Drop Mustafa a line below to see how you can –






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