Composer Mustafa Khetty has created a new track which takes the listener through a musical journey of COVID-19 and lockdown so far.

‘Solace’ is a musical journey following the rapid devastation caused by a single virus that has crippled the world with over 3 billion in lock-down and the affected gasping for breath. The first part depicts the dark and sombre warning of impending doom. The middle section, the tragedy of sickness, despair, helplessness, ravage, death and solitary burial. The finale is the floating glimmer of hope countered by distress, uncertainty, sadness and lament. The faint hope of recovery can so easily be shattered.

However, ‘Solace’ also has another side.. Solace for Humanity – a chance to bring together musicians from all over the world. Mustafa explains “Solace for Humanity is an experiment to invite instrumentalists and vocalists to re-record parts as well as play individual parts with improvisations from their home studios. Ideas would be incorporated into a longer overture. It’s about exchange, collaboration, co-creation and sharing. Lockdown isn’t lockout, our lives are in our heads, we live in thought. Creativity, idea generation, imagination is the hallmark of our being. The coronavirus has made us truly digital natives cruising in uncharted terrain, realigning our work and engagements”.

Fancy getting involved? Contact Mustafa at the below address and he’ll be in touch with the music you’ll need for your particular part –

We can’t wait to see the finished product and will be eagerly checking Mustafa’s social channels for the release date!






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