Up and coming post-punk group ‘New Luna’ continue to establish themselves as one to watch in Manchester’s alternative scene with their new hazy dream pop single ‘Prunus’, released on May 27th. Channeling legends such as Radiohead, Mogwai and The Twilight Sad, they seamlessly blend furious guitar riffs and an addictive drum beat with a dreamy soundscape of smooth, transportive vocals to create an alternative rock earworm we just can’t get enough of.

“Dream pop reimagined for the Mancunian drizzle”


New Luna consists of Tommy Deedigan (vocals/guitar), Zack Bamber (guitar), Tom Owen (bass, backing vocals) and Nathan Gary (drums) who already boast several sold-out hometown shows as well as sets at festival front-runners such as Y Not, The Great Escape, Truck Festival and New Colossus Festival, impressing thousands with their unique, futuristic sound.

It’s not just their sound that allows them to stand out, New Luna have an important message about male mental health to portray in their lyrics, a subject matter which is often overlooked. When asked about the writing process, frontman Tommy Deedigan said:

“I think sometimes people find it difficult to hear men being openly vulnerable, like it’s almost the opposite of what’s expected of them in lad culture or just in friendships and relationships at times. In some ways I just wanted to be openly vulnerable and make those people feel uncomfortable to challenge that stigma. There’s also this very real relationship between mental health and art that I guess this song addresses on a more personal level – about this fear that if you fix those issues, then maybe you wouldn’t be able to write anymore”.

Tommy Deedigan – New Luna

With this message, New Luna lead the charge towards a positive change within the music industry, encouraging musicians and listeners alike to feel able to accept and connect with their emotions and proving that despite negative stigmas, vulnerability does not highlight a lack of masculinity. With over 792 million people affected by mental health issues worldwide and with men in the UK three times as likely to die by suicide than women, it’s beyond time for the media to step in and do everything we can to champion those who are allowing themselves to be vulnerable in order to challenge how we view mental health as a society.

Get your dream pop fix by listening to ‘Prunus’ on Spotify below and make sure to follow New Luna on social media to follow their journey to the top of the alternative world.

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