Spanish-raised, London-based oddball-pop artist Alien Tango has released his new literary inspired single, ‘Author Conan Doyle’, a bouncy weirdo-pop tune touching on various genres, all filtered through his unique musical mind.

And, we have the accompanying video here for you to view too..

The video features two time-travelling versions of the 19th century writer, stranded in our current world. He explains:
Arthur Conan Doyle is a magic realist pop song. I made it in a sort of stream of consciousness, some of the verses are even done with Wikipedia. I didn’t know why or how I wanted it to be at the end, I just made it. Musically, it was born while trying to make a pop song with dramatic chords, a la Britney Spears. The melody features prominently what I call the ‘evil cadence’. On New Year’s Eve I got my laptop stolen with the music video and the song sessions in it, so I had to re-record it – though I was lucky to recover the video from a private Youtube upload.

He is part of the freshest wave of Spanish musical talent breaking through right now. Sharing management, as well as an off-kilter oddball flair with the likes of Hinds, The Parrots and Baywavesthere’s strong pedigree to hiswhimsical weird-pop.
Whilst he may currently be locked down in London, and raised in Murcia,his antennas are directed to outer space, from where he receives what he claims are the classics from a parallel timeline.

‘Arthur Conan Doyle’ is the new single from Alien Tango, and is out now via Ground Control.

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