Kelsey is
like the girl next door but with a real conscience . The kind of girl you feel
as the boy next door you have to read a lot of books to make sure you are on
her level and can impress her with your caring nature , otherwise she may be
likely to berate you for not caring enough about the world around you and the
mental state of your friends….and do you know what , I like her attitude.

Having set
out her stall by enticing social network videos , ideal for drawing in her teen
fans , and also may I say by creating some great music too, and talking of
which , I encourage you to watch this fantastic link which not only introduces
you to Kelsey’s personality but also her perfect vocal, which I guess is why
Myah Marie (Britney Spears and Lil Wayne) got on board asap to offer her
songs to this native New Yorker.

And whilst
your at it go to her website and really get into her story as she needs your
support .


so what do
we have in Kelsey then no gimmicks, no costumes and no glazing over the
everyday issues that we all encounter, Kelsey Coleman’s songs are raw and will
engage listeners from all walks of life. Born and raised in Princeton, New
Jersey, Kelsey’s music has a celestial and delicate ambience, transporting the
listener to a dream-like state where they can truly resonate with the
conversational nature of her lyrics. Driven to communicate through her tracks
by issues she has personally experienced, including cyber-bullying and
loneliness, Kelsey is an all-American girl with a truthfulness which is lacking
in so much of 2020’s pop music scene. Nobody is her first single release, a
sombre track lyrically, yet ultimately an uplifting journey through break-up
and self-discovery.

Join her
fans and become the smartest kid on your block.

Kelsey Coleman

Title: Nobody
– Single

Halsey, Zara Larsson, Melanie Martinez

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