Alien Tango has released his latest single ‘Arthur Conan Doyle’, accompanied by a wacky video you have to see to believe. Described as a bouncy ‘weird-pop’ tune the track certainly brings both flair and eccentric energy to the party.

The Spanish-raised, London-based artist explains his musical vision-

‘Arthur Conan Doyle is a magic realist pop song. I made it in a sort of stream of consciousness…Musically, it was born while trying to make a pop song with dramatic chords, a la Britney Spears. The melody features prominently what I call the ‘evil cadence.’

Alien Tango’s style and artistry is a refreshing interpretation of the Pop genre, embracing all things bizarre to become unapologetically weird. Alien Tango is a firm trailblazer for the next wave of Spanish musical talent, we can’t imagine what he has in store for the world next.

Watch The ‘Arthur Conan Doyle’ video here

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