Euangelion is a fresh Hip Hop/Reggae
artist from British Columbia, Canada, who’s set to release his latest album The
Last Witness Vol.1
on the 15th March 2020. One of the
lead tracks from his al bum is titled ‘Ode to Health Care Workers’. Euangelion
| Ευαγγέλιοn is Greek for ‘message’ or ‘the messenger’, which is fitting as the
artist has a strong message for his listeners.

The artist graduated from the Northern Caribbean University with
a bachelor’s degree in Religion and currently works as a nurse for Northern
Health Authority
, Canada, after working for as a clergyman for some years
officiating at funerals and baptisms. ‘Ode to Health Care Workers’ is
his own tribute to all those who, like him, dedicate their lives to helping others.

Euangelion says that he ‘would like to share glimpses’ of
his past, where he’s at in his life now and his ‘hopeful dreams of the
Describing his life as ‘kaleidoscopic’ at best and
‘interestingly colourful’ at worst, his music is aimed at encouraging audiences
to question everything around them, from people to philosophies and institutions.

Since deciding to return to his musical roots Euangelion has intended to create music that is richly unique, ethereal and cerebral. Listeners are encouraged to formulate their own views on the world around them, rather than being fed the answers.

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