Having worked with stars such as Celine Dion and Sean Kingston already in her career, Börni is no stranger to success and is now being tipped by publications such as Young Entertainment, Billboard and OK Magazine as the next artist to look out for who will “take over the US”.

And we agree! Her new hit single “New Heights” is the music she’s always dreamed of making. It really does signal new beginnings, a brilliant combination of effervescent pop, dance and urban cool, it’s the futuristic sound that makes Börni THE star to watch in 2020!

Listen to Börni’s new hit here!

Börni has already enjoyed incredible success in her music career – from her early garage rock beginnings, through to emo and hiphop, she has always been impossible to pin down in terms of style but New Heights is the first time she feels she is really showing the world the music she wants to share.

Born and raised in Zürich, Switzerland, where she splits her time spent in Los Angeles, Börni found her passion for music at an early age, first singing and playing the violin and later the piano and guitar. From singing in gospel choirs and learning to write and perform her own songs in her first garage rock band, she has performed in front of huge audiences worldwide, including being picked to sing background with Celine Dion in a huge stadium in front of almost 50,000 people.

And now she’s ready to show the world the new Börni! Give her a follow through the links below and get to know the REAL Börni.

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