Lydia Kitto is an Essex-based singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist with a sense of humour that could choke a barrister. It’s been a minute since her penultimate solo release but if there’s any semblance of joy to be derived from this lockdown nonsense, it’s her latest track, Alone.

Written and recorded by Kitto and mastered by a dude called Tom (see below for IG handles), Alone is a psychedelic sandwich filled with funky basslines, soul flavours and layered mellow vocals that melt into the propulsive rhythm like Utterly Butterly. On the first listen, I’m muting my WhatsApp group chats. Third listen, I’m taking my socks off and lying down on the floor. After the tenth listen, I’m ready to quit my job and float into the middle of the ocean on a purple lilo, never to be seen again.

Having spent the last few years of her career as a session musician, touring and performing with the likes of easy-listening Jungle and Club Kuru, it’s exciting to see Kitto come home to herself in a unique expression of every musical influence she’s been collaging. Her energy onstage is well-represented here, her song writing reflective of her simultaneously ebullient and easy-going nature, with a vocal delivery similar to ELIZA and the production value of a Tame Impala record.

We can’t wait to see what sonic delights she offers up next. Until then, jump on a train to nowhere and play this effortless 70s-style baby on repeat.

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