Now what is that on the horizon, is it a series of just wonderfully entertaining songs that on a long day of isolation you can dive right into the world of sea shanties and have a really rip roaring time on your own learning how to create a classic shanty as Roly Witherow we feel is a master of this genre and we just hope he has logged his work into all streaming services under the tag #best sea shanty collection as this is what he has got and we think he is just great , so sit back , put your main sail ….is that the big one in the middle…up , and let Roly take you away with him.

Hailing from Peckham, London, though currently based in East Portlemouth on the South Devon coast during the lockdown with his heavily pregnant wife, Roly Witherow has composed for television programmes such as BBC’s hit, Who Do You Think You Are? and Channel 4’s On the Edge as well as for films such as 2014’s Gregor; Sex Ed (2017) and Try (2018). Ballads and Yarns was written and recorded in Roly’s own home studio and was mixed by Joao Noronha in Brazil (where his wife hails from). A nod to the past, present and future, Roly Witherow’s Ballads and Yarns is 21st Century folk music in all its glory.

Having made a name for himself as a successful composer of music for film and television, Roly Witherow has chosen an entirely different direction for the first solo release – traditional folk music. Telling stories through his music comes naturally to Roly and by expanding his universe to include sea shanties, styles from not just around the British Isles but also around the world, as well as the whole gamut of life, love, death and a dash of humour, Ballads and Yarns provides a modern yet classic celebration of the art of folk music.

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