Rolling Stone reports:

Phoebe Bridgers has released her new album Punisher ahead of schedule, and is encouraging fans to donate to organizations geared toward racial justice in order to listen to the LP.

“I’m not pushing the record until things go back to ‘normal’ because I don’t think they should,” Bridgers wrote on Twitter. “Here it is a little early. Abolish the police. Hope you like it.”

The link to the album opens up a wall of donation buttons for racial justice organizations — many of them based in Bridgers’ hometown of Los Angeles — including the Movement for Black Lives, Stop LAPD Spying Coalition, the Downtown Women’s Center and the Trevor Project.

Since protests erupted around the country in response to the police killing of George Floyd and other unarmed black Americans, Bridgers has vocally supported the demonstrations and their demands on her social media accounts, retweeting articles on defunding the police and GoFundMe links for black trans women.

This past week, she called for the removal of Confederate monuments: “Usually when people lose they’re embarrassed and don’t build statues to remind everyone forever…look at this shit,” she wrote, over a photograph of the Confederate monument to Nathan Bedford Forrest and a petition to have it removed from its placement in Nashville.

As reported in Rolling Stone.

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