Recorded in Gotland, uncontaminated by outside influences off the coast of Sweden in the freezing Baltic Sea, Pink Milk’s debut album, Purple, is the culmination of three years hard labour which has already seen rave reviews for their singles from Kerrang, BBC 6Music, Amazing Radio and Virgin Radio. Though occasionally (and rather lazily) described as shoegaze in some quarters, their sound is a lurching cosmic beast firing off solar flares from all angles, attempting to fill every available space with their elephantine, reverb-laden sound.

Comprising of Maria Forslund (vocals, drums) and Edward Forslund (guitars, bass), Pink Milk first announced themselves with a cover version of Foreigner’s “I Want to Know What Love is”, a chilling, cavernous interpretation which saw it described as “hauntingly beautiful” and “fascinating and shimmering”. Their uncompromising approach to recording has drawn parallels to The Cranes and Cocteau Twins, though although these hint at their sound, neither having the sheer vastness and malevolent undercurrent running through them so fervently.

Their first single proper, “Detroit”, received glittering praise from Clash Magazine, Shortlist, Kerrang! Radio, Virgin Radio and BBC6 Music Radio amongst many others. Their debut album collects together these releases alongside eight other monstrous, cinematic wonders, each with a Lynchian drama that evokes clandestine rituals and smoke-filled corridors whose corners are always just tantalisingly out of reach. Pink Milk’s addictively greasy sea of sound will enthral fans of inventive, cascading soundscapes and music fans eager to see rules broken and new frontiers explored.

You can listen to their debut here:

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