Following the success of her debut single ‘Standing Up With Pride’, 14-year-old starlet Hitha has a mission and it’s to give young people a voice with her latest single ‘Special’. Born in California, Hitha takes classic Western pop melodies and laces them with the rich saxophone and flute pureness taken from her Indian heritage.

The track presents a chance to reach out to anyone, from friends to relatives, who sometimes don’t get the recognition they deserve – a tribute that transcends age.

Her hopes to inspire young teens and to encourage older generations to take time to listen to them and appreciate that their thoughts and feelings are just as important, contributes to the topical discussion of the ‘millennials’ and the stigma that is placed on them.

With young artists like Shawn Mendes, Madison Beerand Billie Eilishtaking the pop scene by storm, Hitha joins them in the representation that young artists have the capability to inspire and achieve and that age is just a number – a track whose incentives deserve definite glitter status!




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