Suffering from a bad case of the lockdown blues? Understandable, after months of quarantine to say we’re all feeling a little blue would be an understatement. However there is a cure. Here at Pop Playlister we’ve put together a list of some female icons whose tracks will lift your spirits and brighten up your day.

First up is an old but gold track from none other than Mary J.Blige. ‘Mary Jane (All Night Long)’ may have been released well over two decades ago but it remains one of our top ten feel good songs. With an infectious happy feel and carefree vibe it’s the perfect song to turn your grey skies blue.

Next on our luscious lineup is UK R&B prodigy Mahalia with her track ‘Sober’. Let Mahalia’s smooth vocals sitting on a chilled beat take you back to the sunny summer days of the past. If ‘Sober’ leaves you wanting more, check out her recent release ‘Isolation Tapes’, a 3 track project guaranteed to make you smile.

Thirdly we bring you the beautiful voice of Pip Millett with her single ‘Love The Things You Do’. A voice so sweet and addictive you’ll want to play Pip on repeat, the young soulful singer is set to be next up in the world of UK R&B. Pip Millett guarantees her music will always be ‘chilled but emotional’, head to her Spotify to get your fill of relaxation and feeling.

Last but certainly not least we have the Beyonce approved duo Chloe X Halle with track ‘Do It’. Need we say more? The duo bring style, flair and soul into their Pop/R&B infused track with a beat designed to get you moving and grooving. A feel good song of the summer featuring vocals and harmonies smoother than silk. If ‘Do It’ doesn’t cheer you up it’s safe to say nothing will.

Happy Listening!

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