With recent trends towards wheeling the big acts from yesteryear out to perform on the biggest headline stages year after year, perhaps it’s of little surprise that a resurgence of classic meets contemporary has been on the cards for some time. With a sound that’s buried so far deep in the 1970’s, to reach in would be to have one hand on the holy grail of the heyday, Glasgow-based Richard Terris – the musical force behind Wailing Recluse, and his self-titled album, appears to have been revelling in his dormancy until the time was just right to unleash his sound upon the world.

For lead track – ‘Fallen Angel‘, you’re led down a trail of stop start rhythms, cleanly picked arpeggios and heavily rhythmic vocals, all the while accentuated by a sumptuous bass stride that almost seems grounded in early prog. Okay, so the immediate comparisons are self evident. Cream, Sabbath, Led Zep all roll of the tongue in a reflection of the excitement, energy and unbridled entertainment they offered, but it’s a deeper sense of an evocative hands-on songwriting style that allows the record to step out of the large-cast shadows of their forefathers.

Stemming from a musing of ‘if Sgt. Pepper was a goth band..’, Terris had to overcome some initial line-up changes in order to hone the cutting edge to the particular sound he was after. By taking ownership of the creative process, his single mindedness knew exactly what he wanted to achieve. With what began as an exercise of adding the flair to the blueprint – utilising the experience of session musicians to enhance what he’s achieved so far, it so happened that the current formation of Wailing Recluse came into fruition. The project is a fundamental return to form for music as a cathartic force, rooted in personal experience, serving as a form of escapism and a return to less complicated, groovier times.

In the spirit of time-honoured favourites, best unveil a handy Trooper before the dust begins to settle…

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