It is not often you find a band, particularly a band that is part of the alt-rock scene which is famously one-track minded- that manages to output such a pitch-perfect retro sound that is an accurate amalgamation of so many genres.

Combining the urgency of prime 70’s UK punk with elements of the 80’s West Coast punk scene and a 90’s fuzz guitar attack formation. Factor in a slightly unhinged vocal which evokes thoughts of haywire New York New-Wave acts and you have the audio horticultural opulence of Bright Garden.

This cross-generational mixing pot has broken free from any shackles of genre expectation and exists as glorious bed of powerful, insistent riffs, a pounding rhythm section and the mercurial Fabio’s endearingly twisted vowels and consonants. Their latest album ‘The Light’ really is a joy to listen to. Rock on!






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