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Japanese-British popstar Rina Sawayama has released a short teaser for an upcoming documentary on the making of her debut album, ‘SAWAYAMA’. The video features a collection of footage from her tours, studio sessions and day-to-day life.

Watch the teaser for The Making Of SAWAYAMA below.

Rina Sawayama released ‘SAWAYAMA’ earlier this year in April. In the trailer, the singer can be heard expressing her fears during its creation process.

“It’s scary to alienate some people,” she says of the shift from her 2017 EP ‘Rina’ to this album. “The sound has definitely changed. It’s quite sad and angry, and it kind of reflects my overall feelings towards the world.

“You just never know. People are savage online, you know? You never know how it’s going to get received. I can only make it super authentic to how I’m feeling. I could sell out on the second album, sure, but my first album is pretty precious to me, and I have a lot to say, lyrically.”

Rina Sawayama is one of the most exciting and innovative Pop talents in the UK. Rina’s style and flair is effortless, her 2020 album titles Sawayama was a true electro-pop dream and established her as a trailblazer for the next wave of contemporary Pop.

Reported By: Jessica Rowe

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