Hailing from Brazil but now based in LA, Tadini is the up and coming rock debut we’ve all been waiting for. His brand new single ‘The Arsonist’ packs a punch and brings a fresh twist to classic rock, intertwining the modern style of Royal Blood with classics we know and love such as Pink Floyd and Jimi Hendrix.

Tadini’s unique sound is a blend of iconic musical influences and the sounds of the cultures he has been exposed to throughout his life. He was born in Brazil to Italian parents, attended a Chinese school where he learnt to speak Mandarin and studied at the famous Berklee College of Music before eventually settling in LA. Performing in bands such as TüR, Mais 55 and Skunk Oil allowed him to hone his skills as a singer, keyboardist and guitarist, developing him into a one-man army of sound.

His debut single ‘The Arsonist’, released on 9th May, is the first teaser from his upcoming album ‘Collective Delusion’ which is due to be released later this year. The original electric introduction sets the tone for the track before blending into a solid, catchy beat and addictive riffs which build throughout. With a modern twist on classic rock, Tadini has launched with an explosive, statement track creating great anticipation for ‘Collective Delusion’.

However, it’s not all about the sound, the lyrics behind ‘The Arsonist’ platform a universal message to project and embrace change, a statement which is particularly relevant to today’s music industry. Tadini drew inspiration for the track from influences as diverse as The Beatles, Vincent Van Gogh and his faithful cat Lucifer. When explaining the process of creating the track, and the meaning behind it, he said:

“It’s the first song I wrote for the album. It is about setting one’s old self on fire (therefore the arsonist) in order to start fresh, kind of like a Phoenix. It symbolizes the beginning of my solo career”.

The combination of carefully crafted, conceptual lyrics and a unique punchy sound makes Tadini the breath of fresh air that the world so desperately needs. Sit back and take in ‘The Arsonist’ and stay updated on the release of his upcoming album ‘Collective Delusion’ here:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tadini/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lucastadini/

Website: https://www.lucastadini.com

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/50IqfejG1HtSTkY45TLH6Z?si=EkmyAT2MSjyWBmz1JwcMBw

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