In the wake of an arson attack on the Whiteleaved Oak, a tree that had stood in the Malvern Hills, Herefordshire, for approximately 500 years before a blaze and was considered to have spiritual significance by Pagans and Druids around the world, Glastonbury-based rock artist Lui Krieg has joined forces with the campaigners behind ‘We the People – Save Our Ancient Woodland’ to help preserve our much loved natural environment.

This attack is devastating news for spiritualists and conservations across the globe, inspiring Luis to write and record the charity single ‘Wildwood’ in honour of the tree and to raise money for organisations working tirelessly to save our eco-system.

As a keen spiritualist himself and a trusted Crystals and Sacred Sound healer, this is an issue close to Lui’s heart. Alongside producing rock earworms expressing his love for spirituality, he owns a crystal shop called Stone Age in Glastonbury. Speaking of the story behind the new single, Lui said:

“Along with the government trying to destroy the UK’s ancient woodlands with HS2 and other projects in the name of “progress”, we are now dealing with vandals attacking Ancient Trees, including in recent years the cutting down of the 2000 year old “Holy Thorn” along with the arson attack on the ancient oaks, Gog and Magog, here in Glastonbury, Somerset.

This is happening all over the country now. In response to this urgent issue and the destruction of the Whiteleaved Oak, I have produced a moving song dedicated to the Ancient Trees and Woodlands of the British Isles. The track is called “Wildwood” and is now available for download at a cost of £1 only and all proceeds will go towards saving our Ancient Trees”.

Lui Kreg

You can download the single via the link below for just £1 to show your support for Lui, spiritualists around the world and our environment. More information on the cause you will be supporting can also be found below.

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