Lui Krieg is the newest rock god you need to worship and not just because of his music. The message behind the music is what we all need right now too.

Lui’s debut album includes songs titled ‘Upside Down’, ‘Spirit Rise’, ‘Change’, ‘Judgement Day’ and ‘Stand up and Fight’, which have all been written and produced by Lui and Paul Foss with the inspiration coming from Lui’s desire to bring out more positive change on Planet Earth during these troubled times.

When asked about the first single of the album ‘Upside Down’, Lui spoke of literally turning the world upside down and making big changes to our lives before we “vanish from its ground”.

With the word in its current condition we are with you, Lui! Strong messages and strong tunes are going to send Lui right to the top of our rock playlist this summer and we hope you join us in this!




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