You may not normally expect successful businessmen to turn their hand to creating rock music but this is exactly what lead singer of Steady Rollin’, Fernando Poma has done.

Although he has been playing music for as long as he can remember, moving on from the drums as a young child through to an obsessive fascination for guitars which still exists today, Fernando has also been hugely successful in business as Managing Director of the largest hotel operators in Latin-American, Real Hotels and Resorts and director at Grupo Poma, champion of El Salvadorian music scene. However, it is music which has always been his calling, a passion which is tangible in every song he performs.

Watch the “Impossible” music video here

Combining with fellow band members, Benjamin Andrade on drums and backing vocals and Gerardo Pardo on Bass, the band from El Salvador have taken inspiration from 90s rock bands Led Zeppelin, Rush and Metallica to produce their first album Love & Loss.

Their new single, “Impossible” is the long-overdue return to the powerful combination of blues, rock and story-telling lyrics and precedes their forthcoming album which is set to be released later this year.

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