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School of X reveals a hopeful song about overcoming inscrutable lows of love. The song is taken from the debut album Armlock, released on May 29. Musician and director Frederik Valentin has created the accompanying music video.

In February, School of X released the first single, “Collarbone (feat. Lord Siva)”, of his forthcoming debut album. “Collarbone” bridged the explosive and heavily produced style of the debut EP Faded. Dream. with the intimate and intense songs on 2019’s Destiny EP. Today, School of X announces the title and release date of his debut album Armlock, out on May 29. Accompanying the announcement is School of X’s second single from the debut album, “Bad Love” – a love song about overcoming trying times.

School of X’s Rasmus Littauer about the song:

“It’s about feeling alone in a relationship, having lost faith or trust, about how much the relationship suddenly matters when it’s slipping through your fingers. But that’s how love is – it comes and goes and we all have to put up a constant fight to save it and bring it back.”

The music video was created with friend, director and fellow musician Frederik Valentin just when the covid-19 virus forced the ongoing lock-down in Denmark.

“Frederik has been a vital part of the visual side of School of X since the beginning. I admire his creativity and always have for the 10 years we have known each other. We wanted to capture duality, danger and love with this video. It was a tough process because of covid-19. We couldn’t really meet except for outside and inside we were always 3-4 meters apart. We feel we succeeded, and under the circumstances I think this video makes the experience of Bad Love even more powerful.”

The debut album Armlock is released on May 29. Like “Bad Love”, it’s full of ambiguity — although an armlock is usually known as a restraining technique,, for School of X the word can also contain something positive.

The title emerged in the early morning hours when Rasmus Littauer and his friend were in New York City.

“I came up with the title while driving in a taxi in NYC at 4am in the morning arm in arm with one of my best friends. We were pretty ecstatic about being together in this city at that moment. Literally, “Armlock” of course also has a negative meaning. And this duality means a lot to me because one of my only real struggles is that I’m always trying to break out of what I’m doing. I’m simply scared of being stuck and of being held down by the world around me. It’s not just in music I feel like this – the impermanence of my entire existence is really a lot on my mind”

The School of X moniker is inspired by Eks-skolen – an anti-establishment art collective that was based in Copenhagen in the 1960s. Alongside his work with School of X, Rasmus Littauer has toured the world for the past 7 years as the musical director and drummer for MØ and has also worked with acts such as Liss, Clairo, and many more.

Armlock will be released on vinyl, CD and digital via Tambourhinoceros on May 29.

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