It’s around that time of year again where the sunlight dims earlier, people are sneezing all around you and all sense of self-discipline flies out the window as the public rejoices ‘Why not? It’s Christmas!’ (It definitely isn’t, it’s November). With The Pogues‘ ‘Fairy Tale of New York‘ likely to already be saturating the retail playlists around the nation, it’s with fresh enthusiasm that ‘punk-poet and pioneer of the spoken word’ Ian Wills offers a speedy return following the release of 2018’s album ‘Dream in Colour‘, teaming up with Celtic music royalty – Clannad’s Moya Brennan,to release a magical song in ‘Mercy’s Door‘, a track that is sure to strike a chord in the hearts of millions across this seasonal jaunt.

Through a means of confrontational and often stark use of language, Ian Wills has long since been established as of of Britain’s premiere spoken word artists. Transcribing his brand of punk-poetry to a lyrical format, via formulating Ian Wills & The Willing, they quickly found themselves in the limelight having their first album ‘Kerbside‘ declared ‘Pick of the Fringe‘, at the Edinburgh Festival in 2005, and having Janice Long champion the band on Radio 2 with regular airplay of their highly acclaimed single ‘21st Century Love Song‘.

Ian’s sometimes brutal, at all times personal lyrics are known for knocking down doors. ‘Mercy’s Door‘ tells a true-life story of redemptive light at the end of what often seems an endlessly dark tunnel. Following a suggestion to feature guest vocals on the track, he immediately went to his first choice – the iconic figurehead of Irish music – Moya Brennan, who was more than happy to contribute her iconic, ethereal voice to the track. Also featuring the choir of Ian’s young daughter’s school, ‘Mercy’s Door‘ is both profoundly moving, yet uplifting – the perfect song to share this Christmas.

Speaking of which, I’ve just found out there’s something called a Mince Pie Martini!

Hooray for Santa!






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