Soul diva Rhea Sun marks the first release from the freshly relaunched MackLife label, the brainchild of R&B legend Mark Morrison. Rhea brings an old school twist to classic R&B with her debut single ‘Train’, taking inspiration from artists such as Ari Lennox and Sabrina Claudio while casting a spotlight onto the UKs soul music scene which is often criminally overlooked. With a mature sound and contemporary lyrics she’s sure to draw you in with her addictive 90’s R&B vibes.

The track kicks off with a catchy, toe tapping beat and laid-back vibe that we just can’t get enough of, showcasing Rhea’s captivating vocals and evident raw musical talent. The lyrics seem to explore the internal battle towards getting out of your own head and facing reality so that you are prepared and able to ‘catch the train’ towards your personal end goal. Rhea shows a sense of endearing, relatable vulnerability in the track, captivating the listener with her words and immersing them in the music.

Speaking about his admiration for Rhea and vision for MackLife, Mark Morrison said:

“The time felt right to re-open the doors at MackLife, and a decision like that is so much easier when you come across special talents like Rhea (who is based in Leicester). MackLife never properly got its credit in the past for the work we have done behind the scenes, such as signing Cleopatra. Yet here we are, 20+ years later and blessed to be in a position to create new history for British Soul music!”

Mark Morrison – MackLife

You can listen to Rhea’s debut single ‘Train’, produced by Shaun Bailey (aka Djedi) through MackLife Records now via the links below.



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