Although fans of Börni, of which we are one, could tell you how to correctly pronounce the singer’s name (it’s pronounced Boer-ni BTW), they would probably struggle traditionally to tell you what her style of music was. From her early garage rock beginnings, through to emo and hip hop, she has always been impossible to pin down in terms of style. But with her new single “New Heights” she feels she is really showing the world the music she wants to share for the first time.

Give Börni’s new single “New Heights” a listen

This tune really does signal new beginnings for the Swiss star and is a brilliant combination of effervescent pop, dance and urban cool.. We can’t stop listening!

Born and raised in Zürich, Switzerland, where she splits her time spent in Los Angeles, Börni found her passion for music at an early age, first singing and playing the violin and later the piano and guitar. She then went onto sing in gospel choirs and was picked to sing background with Celine Dion in a huge stadium in front of almost 50,000 people as well as making music with Sean Kingston under her previous American alter-ego Vava Voom – it’s no wonder that she’s been unable to pin one specific style to her music as of yet.

We are so pleased that she seems to have found her groove with this new single. With the release of power anthem New Heights, she feels now is the perfect time to announce her re-emergence as the recording artist Börni. This year, she will continue releasing music under her true name and identity, gaining more global fans and introducing her unconventional, unapologetic and infectious style.

If you’re not already hooked and intrigued by what Börni has to offer this year then follow her on social below and see how she’s entertaining herself during lockdown.






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