How’s this for a CV? Swiss star, Börni has competed in national Swiss show, Musicstar, signed a record deal with Sony Music, sang background to Celine Dion in front of thousands and released music with Sean Kingston. We know… impressive! Now, Börni has released her new single “New Heights” which you can listen to here…

Sound a little different to what you are used to from Börni? Despite the impressive work she has done over her career, Börni still felt her own music remained buried inside her. With the release of power anthem New Heights, she feels now is the perfect time to announce her re-emergence as the recording artist Börni. This year, she will continue releasing music under her true name and identity, gaining more global fans and introducing her unconventional, unapologetic and infectious style.

I’m sure you’ll agree that New Heights really does signal new beginnings, a brilliant combination of effervescent pop, dance and urban cool, it’s the futuristic sound that makes BörniTHE star to watch in 2020! So, to keep up to date with what’s to come and to see how lockdown is treating our Swiss star..give her a follow through the below links.






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