Born and raised in the beautiful Northern Sydney Beaches, stylish 20-year-old Tia Belle’s debut five-track EP, TIA, is now available to stream with a physical CD also able to be purchased through MGM.

Following the success of her debut single ‘Coke & Mentos’, Tia has worked with music industry veteran Steve Clisby on this EP which traverses a variety of genres. From the gentle balladry of ‘Do It Over’, to the dance floor pop of ‘Coke & Mentos’, synth and syncopated beats of ‘Synergy’, and hip-hop-flavoured ‘Keep On Coming Back’ this EP has something for all moods of your lockdown.

Watch the video for ‘Do It Over’ here

And Tia is not stopping there, using this period of downtime in lockdown to work on some new material Tia says that “lockdown has been great because it’s given me a chance to work on my songs further” – well that’s certainly another thing to look forward to post-lockdown.

In the meantime, get listening to TIA and follow her on social media for any sneak peaks into what music she is creating during lockdown.







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