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The release of Lailien’s 2019 debut album, ‘Ensoular’, saw the Canadian’s electro-psychedelic sound being featured around the globe, as well as being acclaimed by the likes of BBC 6’s Music Freakzone and Sirius XM. Of course, this has built great anticipation for his upcoming album ‘Ta-Da!’ which is set to be released on July 22nd and is sure to skyrocket his popularity with lovers of the weird and wonderful.

The album features eleven tracks of electronic indie, sci-fi esque brilliance and further establishes Lailien as one of the industries most out there, experimental artists. He’s never afraid to bend our perceptions of music, bringing together philosophical and religious influences to create an explosive, thought-provoking sound.

Track List:

  1. Mr. Gorgeous
  2. In the Name of The Father
  3. Michael Jordan Peterson
  4. The Darkness Prince
  5. Money
  6. Nubs
  7. The Light Palace
  8. Fly with You
  9. Shibboleth (Shekhinah)
  10. The Wedding
  11. Ta-Da

‘Mr. Gorgeous’ kicks off the album with electric riffs, playful lyrics and catchy beats, all told from the perspective of a comically outlandish character who is obsessed with himself. This mind-twisting, track shows that Lailien doesn’t take himself too seriously and sets a refreshing tone for what is to come.

However, Lailien also likes to draw upon pop culture as inspiration for his tracks in order to project a deeper message. For example, ‘Michael Jordan Peterson’ presents a portmanteau character of the much loved basketball player Michael Jordan and the Canadian clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson with the aim of challenging the male ego.

Speaking of his thoughts and inspiration behind the album, Lailien explained:

“Ta-Da as a word is pure incantation: a spell for magic, the moment of “voila!” and revelation. It is when the threshold between profane and sacred is crossed and the mystical, magical transcendental act occurs.
In a similar vein to Milton’s Paradise Lost, Ta-Da! follows and proposes a radical new origin story for Lucifer and our fallen world.

In Ta-Da! the Devil is gradually revealed through a hall of mirrors-type escapade to be running society’s show in his and her twisted machinations. The album is in many ways the antithesis to Kanye West’s ‘Jesus Is King’, presenting a much more nuanced story of creation, devoid of pre-given doctrine that fails to adequately address the actuality of our particular contemporary historical moment”.


With that sort of a backstory, who wouldn’t be intrigued to hear more. Make sure to keep an eye on Lailien’s social media to be the first to know when ‘Ta-Da!’ is released to the world.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brad.lailien.shubat

Twitter: https://twitter.com/thereallailien?lang=en

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/official_lailien/

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/lailien/sets/ta-da/s-yKP39

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJBSTOMzbOkhYaQEq3rc79w

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