Brite Spires are back not only with a new single but also with a new line up to create this sound. The new single ‘Youth Movement Disco (2020 Version)’ refers to Natalia Spark’s (the new frontwoman to the band) early life in Georgia and the oppression her fellow countrymen and women felt by their larger neighbours, Russia.

In the new quartet, Nat combines with drummer Cal Brumhead, Italian-German bassist Fischer Luigi and guitarist Drew Atkins, who has worked with the likes of Radiohead and DJ Carl Cox in the past. The newly formed Brite Spires bring together elements of classic synth bands of the 80s and 90s with the shimmering cool of the likes of St Vincent and Chrstine and the Queens which is particularly present in this new electro-disco track.

In an industry that is largely dominated by bands fronted by men, it is so great to see the addition of Natalia to Brite Spires as they mix irresistible song-writing and disco beats to create an aural glitter-dome of New Order Synth and Ladytronrobotic chic.

Having already received rave reviews from the press and their local scenes in Oxford and London for their previous tracks, the effortlessly lush and imperiously melodic, Brite Spires are the sound of your futuristic summer with this new tune.

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