MIAV (Made in a Vacuum) is a techno talent who has spent his life in and around music. The Watford-based artist spends his days as a sound engineer and his nights as an innovator in the techno genre.

MIAV is a self taught genius, whose abandonment of the rule book helps him produce experimental sounds the like of which you’ve never heard. His originality knows no bounds. His new project, titled Mass, is both a tribute and a statement. A bizarre, touching album that confuses, relaxes and transports you into another dimension.

Far from a sheep in life, MIAV has always abandoned trends, focusing on his own sound and shutting off outside influence. Hence his artist name, made in a vacuum. Mass is the kind of music MIAV has always sought to create, a project that lays his artistry bare and is the true definition of authentic.

“He spent his entire life making music but like me, never shared it and a lot has been lost with him. I’m not going to let that happen to me and I have to get this album out, partly as a tribute to him. This music NEEDS to be heard”

Mass is not to be missed, an innovative piece of work that is truly one of a kind.

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