Nearly Skulls are a rock band you won’t forget anytime soon. Although, we’re told that they are made up of Andy on guitar and bass, Paul on vocals and guitar and Dean on drums, we are also told that these may well not be their real names as the band like to keep their identity a secret and elect to only manifest as skulls.

Announcing their arrival with their single ‘Dots’ ahead of their full album launch on 30th July, Nearly Skulls have also released an accompanying video to the single although it still doesn’t help us with finding out the true identity of the band.

The Who-esque choruses; U2dynamics and casual nods to genres as seemingly disparate as prog, glam and metal show a deep knowledge of music as well as a real mastery of their instruments, with the stunning visuals of Dots’ video demonstrating that this most mesmerising of bands can add more than a little flesh to the bones of their music, if not their faces.

This first installment of Nearly Skull’s debut album is out now so get listening and give the guys a follow on social as we try to unpick their true identity.






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