Sydney born and raised Tia Belle has just launched her debut five-track EP and it is the perfect collection of songs to get us through lockdown. Listen to ‘Do It Over’ for those cloudy, moody and comfy days; ‘Synergy’ to get your creative juices flowing on a sunny working from home afternoon and ‘Keep On Coming Back’ with Chew Fu and ‘Coke & Mentos’ for your up-beat Friday nights ‘in’.

Why not get started now? Listen to ‘Do It now’ here

Surrounded by a household filled with a rich tapestry of music playing as she was growing up, thanks in part to her heritage of a Barbadian father and an Irish mother, Tia has already established herself as a musical talent to watch, after receiving shout-outs from industry tastemakers such as Muso TV. Still living in the family home, she is surrounded by a veritable zoo of animals, indeed her beloved dog, Evie, has been known to make cameo appearances on her photo shoots!

Tia is making the most of lockdown by working on some new material which she hopes to premiere at her postponed launch party of her debut EP. To find out more about this new music and to keep up to date with what else Tia is up to during lockdown (and for some Evie content too) give her a follow on social below.







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