A tragedy that touches on the real life moral dilemmas of love, loss and lust all wrapped in a rock operatic performance, hitting London’s West End later this year Cruel is a show like no other.

Determined to defy the classical musical genre characterisation, Cruel is an emotionally charged performance with hauntingly dark twists and turns. A truly original production in every way, Cruel combines a church organ with a full rock band, a string quartet and four of Transylvania’s top rock vocalists to create a fully immersive ‘rock opera’.

Exploring the lives of four characters as they endure life’s tragedies and the burden of sinful temptations, the story tells of a married man who falls in love with a libertine girl who is dying from cancer and the tragedy that then unfolds.

With the lead role taken by Andy Ghost, the lead vocalist of one of Romania’s biggest rock bands, Altar, the talented Romanian cast of Cruel bring an unique experience not often seen on creative streets of London.

Set to perform on 22nd October at The Troxy, London, tickets are still available for their upcoming performance. Get your tickets here.

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