The New Space Finders have released their debut single with powers so good you’ll swear they must be ‘Superheroes’. Indie anthem is a title given to few, but greatly deserved by the Indie-electronica duo behind The New Space Finders, Sean and Jenny.

Sean and Jenny are a Plymouth based couple and self-proclaimed kind-hearted eccentrics. Their two young children are the inspiration behind the ‘Superheroes’ track, giving the tune a pure, innocent and feel good vibe to ease all your worries.

‘Superheroes’ is the woe-lifting, feel good track we have all been desperate for, timed perfectly to cure all the stress of a Covid-19 world. Stress which duo Sean and Jenny know all too well, after a health complication left Sean close to death 16 months ago. Recovered and inspired, the non genre conforming duo now value every second spent with their children, sharing their joy through song.

With artwork featuring a Banksy piece, sanctioned by the mysterious man himself, ‘Superheroes’ is a fun filled track that takes you back to simpler times.

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Written By: Jessica Rowe

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