“A quirky, insistent piece of pop electronica with a coquettish female vocalist paying oblique homage to lockdown key workers. It’s a winsomely otherworldly earworm”

Colin Harper writing for Afterword UK.https://theafterword.co.uk/otherish/

Superheroes, they say, often take the unlikeliest form and so is the case with The New Space Finders, and their debut single, a track of such immediate hummability, you’d swear it was already a hit. The New Space Finders are Sean and Jenny, the best mates you never realised you had and their track, Superheroes, the track you’ll be getting everyone you know this summer to be listening to. Initially only written to give their two and three year-old children a track to laugh and dance to, it soon became apparent they had an earworm of superhuman powers on their hands – Superheroes is that very song and one which is set to be the post-Covid indie anthem of 2020.

Watch, Listen and Become Addicted to Superheroes here: https://youtu.be/JIVemAADAF4

Based in Plymouth, Sean and Jenny are self-proclaimed kind-hearted eccentrics, living on their completely organic farm in Cornwall running a project growing organic food and working to develop a more sustainable future. They have two young children that are great inspiration for their music and Superheroes is exactly that – a track of almost exquisite innocence which helps to feed their musical outlook, of introducing their avant-pop to audiences around the world, whatever their background. Jenny and Sean met and lived in an organic farming community and have long embraced alternative lifestyles and ways of interacting, from living in a bender in the woods for 10 years without electricity, to hitchhiking to Africa in a pair of butterfly wings..yep, you’ve read that sentence correctly!

Superheroes is released not just with the impact of Covid-19 in mind but also in the aftermath of a serious health issue which saw Sean close to death sixteen months ago. Now recovered, both Sean and Jenny value every second spent with their children and the important of harmonious living. As is befitting everything about The New Space Finders, both the songs construction and its emergence are unconventional, featuring the sounds of bones, a flute and an ornamental ashtray on Superheroes courtesy of their Northern Irish producer, Otherish, whilst the artwork to the single may look a little familiar – yes, it’s by Banksy and it’s been officially sanctioned by the man himself!


Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/3W4KMjpTJ4rJ2chsQ8vMJx?si=MQb0Uv1sSpmZn1sG08b46Q

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JIVemAADAF4&feature=youtu.be

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