Written by: Charlotte Bredael

The Space Finders are made up of Plymouth based Sean and Jenny, who are self proclaimed kind-hearted eccentrics and originally wrote their track ‘Superheroes’ as a song for their two and three year old children to laugh and dance to before accidentally stumbling into creating the earworm you’ll have on repeat this summer.

Living on an organic farm, when they’re not busy churning out indie hits, Sean and Jenny are working to create a sustainable future for themselves and their children, who are a huge inspiration for their music. If that adorable backstory doesn’t already have you hooked, take a listen and find yourself becoming addicted.

‘Superheroes’ was written as an ode to the efforts of our key workers during the Covid-19 pandemic, but also to Sean’s experience battling a serious health issue. Now fully recovered, they’re focusing on spending as much time as possible with their children. The track features thoughtful, optimistic lyrics praising everyone who has been working to keep our country safe, catchy hooks and addictive harmonies that we just can’t get enough of, and we’re sure you won’t be able to either. And if you’re wondering why their artwork looks familiar, it was created by Banksy to celebrate key workers and has been officially approved for use by the man himself!

“A quirky, insistent piece of pop electronica with a coquettish female vocalist paying oblique homage to lockdown key workers. It’s a winsomely otherworldly earworm”

Colin Harper writing for Afterword UK. https://theafterword.co.uk/otherish/

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