Lui Krieg is a rockstar on a mission with his debut single ‘Upside Down’. Taking inspiration from literally turning himself upside down on a trip to Mexico, Lui has combined with legendary producer Paul Foss to create this rock song which reflects the state of the planet at this moment in time.

Talking about the new single Lui commented “this song means a lot to me! It is a wake-up call for people to realise the state that our Planet Earth is in right now! It is also a call for Action! We need to wake up. It is time for change! Let us turn this world around before we vanish from its ground!” Strong words from Lui but we’re with you, man!

The new single isn’t the only song of Lui’s with this message as he looks to bring out more positive change on the World during these troubled times. Other songs to be released later this year such as ‘Spirit Rise’, ‘Change’, ‘Judgement Day’ and ‘Stand Up and Fight’ all deal with similar themes and issues around the world with the aim to make it a better place than when we found it.

The single ‘Upside Down’ is accompanied by a psychedelic home-made video which Lui has done in lockdown to entertain his fans as well as himself!

We’re loving Lui’s’ message and can’t wait to hear the rest of the tracks!




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